Monday, December 10, 2012

The (Not-So) Secret Weapon of Pole Dancers

I'm going to share a not so secret weapon of pole dancers. Especially for those like me who self teach.
I know I know. It is so obvious! I really don't know why i didn't start scheduling Pole Skype sessions months ago! I wish I had. It may be obvious to some of you polers out there why you should try a pole Skype session but if you haven't tried it out yet, read on to see why you should!

10 Reasons why you should schedule a pole Skype session!

1. One on one attention from other pole dancers. Someone else is watching your moves, and can give you feedback that you might not catch when rewinding and replaying your moves.

2.It's a Challenge for yourself: Break away from your usual pole training session and try someone else's routine

3. It holds you accountable- I pole more often cause if I scheduled a session with someone else, I can't bail or I feel bad. 

4.Learn new ways of strength training and flexibility training. See what other dancers do and incorporate it into your routine, and do the same for them!

5.Get feedback from other dancers about your style, routines, combos and moves

6. Socialized about your favourite topic, Pole! This is especially true for those of us who don't frequent studios and want to share our pole passions with other!

7. Spread the Pole Love: Help others get new moves and get support from others who get why pole makes your so happy!

8. Have great pole related conversations around grip aids, pole clothes and pole products

9. Make new pole friends from all around the world!

10. It is so much fun!!!!

Check it! So proud of the
strength I've built!
There are plenty more benefits of Skype but the biggest one is that it helps you progress! Since I started doing Skype sessions with other polers I have gotten new moves that I honestly didn't think I could do. One poler was able to help me get my Extended butterfly, when a week before I was struggling to get my split grip butterfly. She watched me, gave me feedback, encouraged me and suggested exercises to help. She could tell where I was lacking in strength in my left shoulder by watching and suggested I work on my left handed spins to strengthen up. Since then my extended butterfly has gotten better and so much stronger. And I would have never got this with out her help. Thanks!!!

I would have never gotten this Move would
help from my online pole friends!
One of my other regular pole Skype-ers and I have started to incorporate a strength routine into our sessions. We share our favourite exercises and challenge each-other  This works really well as whenever you exercise with someone you are more likely to finish a set when things are difficult as you get that friendly competitive nature going. We are both going to get that last set of push ups! GO GO GO
One of the things I really enjoy about these pole Skype sessions is that I'm poling with ladies who have very different styles and strengths then I do. It encourages me to work on my floor-work  hip rolls, booty work, free-styling  and pole moves I tend to neglect.

The point I am trying to make here is that everyone will gain from a pole Skype session in some way. The pole community is always growing but for some of us the internet is a great way to connect with others who share our passions. So schedule a Skype date with a poler you admire, think is fun. who has great style, or who you would like to get know more. Studio Veena has lots of polers who are always looking for Skype buddies.

Here is the video from one of my Skype sessions

And if you wanna add me on Skype and schedule a Skype date just let me know. :) You can find me on Skype user-tag krissykiki 


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