Monday, November 3, 2014

Growing in Pole and Fitness

I have found that the longer I pole, the less often I achieve new moves. This is true for many reasons. When you are new to Pole there are that many move moves to achieve. As you level up your skills, strength and flexibility, the moves become more and more advanced and you have to work that much harder to achieve them. This means that my lists of achieved goals moves become smaller the longer I pole. It also means I need to work harder at building strength and improving my flexibility in order to learn more the more advanced moves I am now knowing on. But knowing that I need to keep pushing myself is nothing new.

I have been an on and off slacker in the pole department for the past few months. I still have been poling and dancing and enjoying my favourite moves. But I have not been training new moves, weak sided moves and well I haven't been training pole in general. I have been dancing and flowing and floor-working. I have been pole dancing. It's been wonderful and I don't plan on stopping that. But I have not been pushing myself to grown and I need to change that. I would like to get back into training for pole more so I can become a stronger better poler. .

So what is a girl to do when she is not making enough time to pole and not pushing her self to train hard when she is poling.

Set up a Skype date with another poler. That's what. :)

This weekend I poled with my wonderful friend Luvlee via skype and we worked on a variety of moves and encourage one another. this led to me being inspired to give the iguana mount another go. Initially I was failing hard until Lulee pointed out that if I changed my posture it would make grabbing the pole easier and more comfortable. I listened and boy was she right! This is why poling with others is essential for the home poler. We can't always see what our bodies are doing and may not notice the ways that we are making things harder for ourselves.
I had no idea that I had the strength for the iguana mount and so my success with it totally blew me out of the water. I am beyond stoked to have made another goal pole move.

As polers we all have different strength and weaknesses. We all have something wonderful to offer. Poling with others is a great way to share your own knowledge and benefit from theirs. Its also a great way to motivate yourself to pole more often, work harder and try new things. I know why I train alone I don't work as hard and I don't always know what new things to try. Dancing with others exposes me to their style and the things they are working on. 
This recent Pole session reminded me that I often underestimate my own strength. I also know I need to push myself more. I know I am on the cusp of learning many new moves but that I won't get them without pushing myself to train. A great example of this is the Ayesha. I keep saying I don't have the strength for it but with the tips I received from Luvlee I find myself closer then I would have guessed. I just need to find my balance point but I am really close to it! If I keep training and working on it I might be able to nail this one down in a month or so.

So I have decided to rebuild a fitness schedule since my current work schedule and changing weather conditions have kinda thrown my old one out, and I am making sure that Pole has a place in it. I scheduled a few more pole sessions with Luvlee to keep me on track for training and will likely be looking to schedule many others. (let me know if you are interested ) I have worked hard to up my fitness level this summer and I don't want the snow and cold to kill my momentum.
I am feeling pumped and ready to grow as an athlete and a poler.
Let's do this!
<3 KiKi

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