Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Maybe Pole Dancing Isn't For You..."

This month's Blog Hop Topic is "5 Spirit Crushing things to never say to a pole dancer" Today I will tell you about one that was said to me.

I was in pole class. Trying ever so hard to stay positive about my struggles in learning a new move. Once again I was the only girl in the class who was having a hard time with it. But I knew that I couldn't get too negative about it and wanted to keep a positive outlook. So I cheerfully stated, "It may take me forever to get it, but I know that one day I will have the yogini" 
And that is when someone looked me in the eye and said:

 "Maybe Pole Dancing Isn't For You Then."

I was so taken a back that I think I just laughed off their comment for lack of knowing any other way to respond. I finished class in a flurry of emotion and left feeling dark about pole, my abilities and  knowing that pole class was killing my love of pole.
I will be the first person to tell you that I suck at learning pole. That pole will NEVER come easy to me. I am not built to be a pro poler and I am ok with that. I don't train enough, I take FOREVER to build upper body strength and my fitness level fluctuates with life.
Yet I almost let that person's words kill pole for me. Hearing another poler tell me that they didn't feel I was cut out for pole really hurt.
Before I knew it all my doubts and insecurities came rearing their heads telling me....Maybe they are right.... 

I could have let this person's thoughtless words take away my love of pole, but I didn't. I just found a way to remove that person from my pole journey. I had a passion for pole before I met this person and I knew that my passion would flourish without their presence. And I was right. Here I am over 3 years later, still poling, still dancing, still struggling at getting moves.
Still loving pole dance.

They say nothing worth having ever comes easy. Loving pole dance when you suck at it is not easy. That is how love often is though. I love pole when it is good to me, when it is hard to me, when it challenges me and when it rewards me. I even love it when it eludes me.

So here I am. 3 years later. Still proving that pole is for me.

And yeah...I got the yogini but more importantly I learned how to be my own kind of pole dancer.

So yeah...Pole Dance IS for ME.

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