Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#InvertedApril 2015

It is almost April! April is one of the best months, not just because it is my birthday month, but because of #InvertedApril

 In 2014 I started #invertedapril and made the commitment to go upside down at least once a day. It is a 30 day inversion challenge! I also tried to do it in different ways each day. This challenge was a lot of fun and I got some amazing pictures out of it. Check out some of my favourites HERE.
The Inverted April challenge is to do something that makes you go upside down, once a day for 30 days. Post photos of your inverted adventures and tag them #InvertedApril

Try to do as many different types of inversions as possible, pole moves, yoga moves, Lyra, Silks, breakdancer moves, gymnastics moves, circus moves or just go hang from the monkey bars. The goal is to get yourself upside down at least once a day. Why should we go upside down you ask? Well read up HERE or HERE about the Benefits of inversions.

Now a lot of challenges run into the problem of running out of time to do a pose, take a photo or having the energy after a long day to do some pole. The great thing about this challenge is that you can simply do a head or handstand or flip upside down in a yoga hammock.
I think I really need the challenge of #InvertedApril as I have been stuck in a bit of a pole rut lately. I need a reason to made my myself get on a pole more frequently, even if its only for a few moves. this often can just encourage more practice as once I get on the pole I'm more motivated to stay up there.

So starting April 1st I will be doing at least 1 inverted move a day until April 30th. And to hold myself accountable I will be taking photos of them and uploading them on my Facebook PageTwitter , Tumblr, and Instagram  as #InvertedApril . I welcome everyone to join me in this and upload their photos as well. Group motivation is always great!

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