Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weekly Video and Check In

I am still in operation get back on the pole and so far I have managed to get some pole time in the past two weeks so that is a plus. I've been meeting with some friends and we are sharing our pole, yoga, acro and dance knowledge with one another so it's been getting me poling more which is good. 
Things I have learned since trying to come back from my pole break:
1. Virgin skin sucks so hard. 
I mean I knew it would. But ugh, and ow and oof! Moves that I am struggling with due to skin pinching are remi sits, laybacks, arm pit grips. Ugh so much ow. But its slowly coming.
2. My body still remembers most things.
This was a pleasant surprise as its has been MONTHS since I have done some of these moves. I can still get into most things minus the skin pinching issues.
3.Pole stamina is lost easy.
While I can still do much of what I used to, i can't do it all at once. I am quickly tiring myself out and fatiguing my muscles. I'm starting slow and trying to not burn myself out. Its been trying revisiting moves here and there.
I have been working on different poses to help offset some of the frustration in returning to pole. My handstand scorpio is looking pretty good and it has never been a pose that I really enjoyed. It seems like a great time to explore old moves and trying to connect with new ones that I never tried or assumed i wouldn't enjoy. Back to basics in a way.
I got in a quickie dance session before they came over this week so I have a weekly video to share! Nothing fancy, just me reconnecting with my brass <3

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