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KiKi Reviews

First Chair straddle split and stag!
During the month of April I was given a one month membership to Cleo's Rock N Pole to review. This could not have come at a better time either, I have been in such a pole rut and a good dose or Cleo was a huge help. It also helped with exploring LOTS of new moves for #InvertedApril.
Now there is a growing number of online pole studios and I have used many. As someone who primarily learns pole through self teaching and paid and free online lessons I am always excited about new sites and options. I am a firm believer in using as many resources out there as no one teaches a move exactly the same way, and you never know when one persons tips or directions will click and you will master that nemesis move.
 I am already a Rock N Cleo fan and own both her Rock N Pole (read my review HERE) and Rock N Legs N Abs and love and use them still, so I knew a little of what to expect from her teaching style. But before I get into the lessons, lets break down what has to offer....

" (CRNP) - the best, most comprehensive online pole studio brought to you by International Pole Rockstar 'Cleo the Hurricane.’  Get Fitness, Flexibility, Pole Dance and Community all in one.  Learn brand new techniques from world class pole instructors, build strength in new ways, push your flexibility, find your flow, develop your style, master original choreography, share your progress, participate in fun challenges, and so much more! (CRNP) is made for all levels and will revolutionize your pole dance and training regime.  Save time commuting and hundreds of dollars on gym memberships by learning in the comfort of your own home.  "  features lessons by the following instructors, many of whom hold various titles, awards and certifications. This range of instructors allows for the site to provide numerous styles, techniques and flavours. For full bios on the instructors go HERE:
Cleo the Hurricane, Adrienne, Amber Wolf, Bad Azz, Brynn Route, Claudia, Crystal Gibson, Sasja, and Tiffany Rose Mockler.

Types of Lessons Offered:
warm ups: in heels, body waving, strength based, pole based and CRLNA based, they have them all!
fundamentals: beginner, intermediate advanced
pole tricks: beginner intermediate and advances
strong and flexy: strength and conditions, flexibility, technique
rock n pole: featuring routines and breakdowns
floor n chair: chair tricks and floor play
an option for favourites so you can bookmark all the lesson you want to try

Things that can be improved:
First off I really enjoyed this site and do plan on paying for it to use again in the future. But I believe that anything can always be improved and it is important to share constructive thoughts in order for growth. These are also my own opinions and some may disagree.
The Levitation
I feel that this is a great site with a wide arrange of styles, lessons and tricks but I would not recommend this site for a brand new poler looking to self teach. The lessons are well directed but I feel they are designed for polers who already have some aerial foundation understanding and pole skills. I did feel that some of the beginner tricks (pole sit) were taught in way that assumed a level of strength some beginner polers do not have. While for many this will not be a concern, I am simply adding this as a pole dancer who did teach herself using online lessons and struggled with lessons in this style. For those who are self teaching with no other outside assistance(classes) and who are brand new to pole, this site has many great options but may not be the first place I would recommend to start. I do think it will be great to supplement or to use once you have a base understanding. I will note that the site has a great strength and conditioning section for polers of any level looking to building muscles as well as many floor work, transitional work and flexibility lessons. I feel this site is a great addition to beginner polers with a solid pole foundation, and intermediate and advanced polers looking to add to their home training. This site is also fantastic for polers looking to supplement their training in addition to taking studio classes.
To solidify these feelings I had my younger sister who is a relative newbie to pole attempt to learn from some of the lessons and she agreed with my opinion. She did LOVE the transitions and dance moves and some of the strength building exercises. And the transitions and floor moves have helped her expand her dance work immensely!( Though when she does Cleo's Rock N Legs N Abs with me she still calls Cleo the mean lady with amazing quads. Werk it!) Also Bad Azz has a new fan in her ;)

Things I love:

The mobile layout!!!! I love love love the mobile layout! And I am not one to typically use my phone for these things. The mobile layout is fantastic for watching lessons and that makes navigating the lessons to find what you want to work on really easy as you can prop up your phone while poling. I have included some screenshots of the site from my phone. I personally found the mobile site was my facourite way to looking through the lessons. Great job to the designers for a user friendly mobile layout. Nothing like having pocket sized pole instructors on your phone while you are figuring a move out.

I also love the focus on style and flair. While this site does offer a variety of common tricks and foundation building tricks I feel one of it's strengths is in sharing unique tricks, style and transitions. I learned a few new tricks that I was not aware of before checking this site out. The Helix, some chair moves, floor moves and the Levitation. Also many of the lessons helped me infuse regular tricks with style and personality and who doesn't love that?
The Helix
I have to say that my favourite thing about the lessons is the infusion of different styles and personality.Having different pole Instructors providing lessons adds so much to it. This is a great site to use for breaking out of you pole rut, evolving your dance style and moving away from basic pole moves to add some flair. This site is fun!
My sister also noted that she really liked the encouragement to use various hashtags for sharing pictures and videos of moves you learned or in joining in the site challenges. She stated that as a new poler she liked that she could find other polers this way who are working on the same moves and to feel a sense of community.
I love the layout of the site in general, full of fun colours and easy to use. This site is full of personality through the lessons, instructors, colour scheme, blog and challenges. Also worth mentioning is the option to favourite lessons and include them in your favourite section so you can easily go back to things you are working on. I think that it is well worth the cost for what you get and in the month I held a membership they were continually adding new content to keep you engaged.

Final Thoughts
I love this site and I plan on paying for a membership for myself in the future. I love Cleo's teaching style and many of the other instructors on the site. If you have enjoyed other dvds or lessons by cleo in the past then you will likely really enjoy what she has created in this online studio. I think the use of challenges is great for pushing polers out of the comfort zones and in increasing training. I love the blog and it's wide range of writers. I think this new online studio has SO much to offer and I am excited to be a part of it as it keeps growing.

<3 KiKi

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