Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pole Armour Review and Giveaway!!

We all love pole goodies, especially pole goodies that can make our poling efforts a little easier. I was approached by Pole Armour to review and share my experiences with their product for all of you. Big thanks to them for providing me with one of their Pole Armour products to test out AND for providing the the prize for the giveaway.

So what is Pole Armour? It is a Platinum stages product that is a non-latex non-silicon synthetic gripping aid. It is a removable gripping tube for your pole! Pole Armour provides a soft anti slip training surface so you can keep training and poling for longer and when you are sweaty or wearing lotion or sunscreen. 
Have an outdoor pole and want to pole in the sunshine but don't want to burn? Pole Armour can allow your to pole with sunscreen on! Not to mention that you can now pole in your favourite leggings and leg warmers. Pole Armour doesn't require skin contact to stick to the pole so you can lots of fun with costumes! Who hasn't always wanted to pole in leggings? 
Pole Armour can also be custom cut to fit your pole. They are made for 45 and 50 mm poles and come in two lovely colours. the cost for this product runs from $150-$250 depending on the height of your pole. If you are interested in getting a Pole Armour for yourself, check out their Facebook page HERE or their website HERE.

  When ordering a Pole Armour, you will be asked to measure your pole in height (minus the adjuster cover) and inform them of the diameter of your pole. Because my main pole is a 40mm and they only make their product for 45 and 50mm poles, mine is a little loose around my pole but still 100% usable and enjoyable. But for ideal product use I would recommenced this product for the pole sizes stated above. It should also be noted that if you are unsure of height measurements, you can always order it slightly longer then needed and trim it as needed. Pole Armour currently is only available to be shipped to residents in the US, UK and Canada. 

Installation of Pole Armour
Pole Armour is shipped as a one piece tube so the installation really just comes down to getting it on your pole. Obviously this product is ideal for those with stage poles but it can easily be used on tension based poles as well. The hardest part of installing pole armour was taking my pole down. I'm one of those bad polers who doesn't regularly put her pole up and down so it was super stiff and gave me difficulties at first. Once the pole was down it was easy to just slide the Pole Armour on. Now my pole is 5mm smaller then what the Pole Armour was designed for but this product is designed to be easily taken on and off.
Check out this video and see how easy it was for me to get Pole Armour on my 40mm brass X-pert.

Things I Loved about Pole Armour
I found I enjoyed the material of Pole Armour. It does exactly as it promises. It provides a softer cushion for you to pole on. For those training for competitions or performances or who are doing in depth strength training this can assist in preventing the giant evil bruises. The grip is also nice for slippery hands. 
I absolutely loved being able to pole with leg warmers on and to do inverted moves without having to expose my torso. The grippy-ness of the product was just awesome. I can see using this product when working on advanced pole moves to assist in skill development. When I get more upper body and ab strength I think I will bust out the pole armour to help me get my shoulder mount. I like this product for helping moves that have a large ouch factor. Eventually your body will adjust to it but initially I find some moves hard to train for due to the pain they can cause. Pole Armour can be used to help.

Things I disliked about Pole Armour
Pole armour is a great training aid but it's not great for dancing. This is kinda obvious but I feel it is worth noting that this is not a product you will want on your pole all the time. As it is very grippy, it's not great for spins and other dance moves. As I love the dance side of pole this makes this product more of a sometimes product rather then an always product for me. 
I also wish I could see how this product was for proper sized poles. Since my pole armour is made afor a 45mm and I have been using it on a 40mm there is obviously some gaping  between the product and my pole. (They only make Pole Armour for 45 and 50mm) It is still usable but I dislike the extra movement between the pole and product.  Again this is not an issue with the product but rather with the fact that it is not built for the diametre of my pole. 

Final Thoughts

I really like my Pole Armour but because of the time consuming process it is for me ot take my pole down and put it back up to use the pole armour I will only be using it for specific training purposes (hello shoulder mount).  I honestly think this product is ideal for those with stage poles as removing the product would only take minutes. Plus stage poles can easily go outside and sometimes you need sunscreen when the sun is shining!

The Giveaway!!!
Pole Armour is generously offering 1 free Pole Armour for a lucky winner! This giveaway is open to residents of the US, UK and Canada. The winner will be contact by email on November 1st. For full details on the giveaway please review the Terms and Conditions and enter below!

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