Wednesday, September 2, 2015

3 MORE Reasons To Try #WildernessYoga

Yoga is something I have practiced on and off for many years but only recently have I really surrendered myself into experiencing the full benefits that can come from practice. Yoga has brought 
joy and peace into my life in different ways and if you are seeking those things in your own life I encourage you to give yoga a try and see if it can help you in the same ways.

I have written in the past about my #wildernessyoga adventures and have shared my reasons for why all of you need to stop what you are doing and join in on the fun. But here are a few more and a collection of this years #wildernessyoga shots.

3 MORE Reasons You Should Try #WildernessYoga

1. Nature is Awesome
Who doesn't love tress, rivers, waterfalls, leaves, mountains and flowers? Get out of the city, grab your hiking boots and surround yourself with the beauty and power of nature. Hiking leads you to gorgeous views and experiences.

2. Nature Provides a Peaceful Serenity for Your Yoga Practice
The sounds, smells and energy you can experiences while you do your practice can be calming, energizing, loving and supportive. Struggle with meditation? Who needs white noise when you can sit next to a waterfall or the ocean? Need a break from a crazy busy life? Hiking into a flowered valley surrounded by mountains is a stunning place to breathe and flow in your yoga practice.

3.Protecting Nature
The more often we use hiking trails, and enjoy protected parks, the more likely out society and governments will ensure that they stay protected and are taken care of for future generations to use. When you post photos from your hiking and yoga fun, others may see them and also want to go and enjoy those places. The world is changing and many of the gorgeous places we can hike and enjoy are not protected. And funding cuts can often risk the protection that some may already have. Let's enjoy and take care of our gorgeous planet. And don't forget to do your part and stick to the trails and hiking areas in your #wildernessyoga adventures.

<3 KiKi

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