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KiKi Reviews Cleo's Rock N Pole

This is my initial review, check back in 2 weeks for a look at my month long experience rocking out with Cleo. ;)
Legwarmers, neon colours, sparkles, animal print, 80's vibes and good rock. It's time to rock some pole with Cleo's Rock N Pole!
The minute I unwrapped this DVD I knew I had to channel my inner 80's girl. It was time to bust out my leopard print shorts, legwarmers and a slouchy off the shoulder crop sweater. In fact I almost threw in a side pony to complete the look.
This DVD gets you right in the mood for a fun workout from the start. The dvd is set in an upbeat rocker attitude full of sparkles, animal print, and legwarmers. The gorgeous sets and instructor's outfits make you want to dress up and let your inner Rockin' Diva out.

"Cleo’s Rock N Pole is a fun and high energy workout combining strength, flexibility and cardio training by a two-time Australian Pole Dance Champion. Choose from 4 heart racing routines from Pole to Floor-work danced to a HOT Rock N Roll soundtrack. Not only do you exercise your body, but your brain is getting quite a workout! A challenge conquered can be so rewarding, learning new skills that test your memory ability AND improve your dance skills. Plus, once you know the routines it raises your heart rate so you reap the maximum benefits in cardio fitness!"

This DVD offers:
1  killer warm up
3 different fun, sexy, rocking pole routines and their instructional break downs
1 super hot floor routine and instructional break down
3 strength building routines
1 cool down
 Instructional lessons for the pole moves included in the routines
And of course lots fun and Cleo's awesome energy!

The Warm Up!
You know what is awesome? A warm up that makes you work out a bit. This warm up is killer! It may very well be some people's whole work out. Lots of dancing, body movements, hip rolls, and stretching! Cleo's Rock N Pole really delivered! This warm up does exactly as promised. You end up warm, ready to kick off your legwarmers and eager to get to poling or working out. I also really love that many of the movements that you do in the warm up are repeated later in the routines. 

The Routines!
This DVD features 4 different routine to learn. For this blog I will be focusing on the first one, to the song Rock it like a Devil.
Both routine 1 and 2 offer beginner and intermediate options for some of the pole choreography. Routine 3 and the floor routine only offer one choreography option. There are also routines for both spinning and static pole.

Routine 1 Rock it Like a Devil -Static Pole 
Time to bust out the heels ladies and gents! While I may not be a heel dancer myself, I love the sex appeal, hip rolls, body waves, hair flicks and fun! This routine looks impressive and fun. After watching it I was feeling a little intimidated about trying to learn the routine. 

The Break Down...
Now I have never tried to learn a pole choreography or routine, but I have experience learning other types of dance choreography. I did struggle initially with the break down of the routine. Cleo provides clear instructions breaking down the whole routine from start to finish. She also offers beginner and intermediate options for flexibility and pole moves. It is also explain at the beginning that tutorials for all pole moves in each routine are found in the special features of the DVD. 
Channeling my inner 80's girl

These Tutorials Include:
 momentum turn
 momentum turn into back stag
 spinning climb
 right leg turn into layout
 layout, hello boys
 angel, inverted crucifix
 outside leg hang
 outside to inside leg hang

The break down for each routine is well explained, but it is up to the viewer to pause and rewind which can be a bit of a pain in the ass if you want to break everything down. The first few times I tried this method I struggled and I got frustrated, feeling like I would never get it. The next session I opted to just follow the routine through in the break down from start to finish, only pausing the breakdown if I had difficulty in following a sequence. If you are new to learning pole routines like me, I suggest this method to ease your learning.
Rock it like a devil is the more beginner of the routines and good place to start when uses this DVD to improve you dancing and poling. At first glace watching this or any of the routines, it is easy to get a little intimidated as they are all fast pace and full of Cleo's awesomeness. This can make a poler who is not used to choreography a little nervous, but rest assured that the routines are set up to be easy to learn. You quickly learn that there are repeated sequences and all movements which are explained and demonstrated in an easy to follow fashion.

Strength Routines!
Cleo leads you through 3 different strength routines focusing on upper body and ab strength. They are clearly instructed with beginner options for many of the strength exercises. She ends each routine with stretches tailored to the exercises in each routine.
I love these routines a lot and have enjoyed incorporating them into my pole workout routines. I can tell that in the past two weeks, the increase in my upper body training is paying off on the pole. :D

Cool Down!
A nice way to stretch out and finish your pole routine. Cleo provides a full body cool down that leave you feeling relaxed and stretched out. The only complaint I have is that the stretches are not held long enough for me, but this is a common complain for me in any fitness DVD or class. I like to enjoy my stretches for a while ;)

KiKi's Experience
I received my copy of Cleo's Rock N Pole 2 weeks ago. In the DVD she encourages polers to use this DVD 3 times a week in combination with a balanced diet to see results. Always up to a challenge, I took her at her word and have been Rocking my pole and her DVD 3 times a weeks for the past two weeks. This has obviously lead to an wonderful increase in my pole time!  I have been running through the warm up, all the strength training routines, working on the first pole routine and then using the cool down.
I have seen an increase in my upper body strength and my ab strength. Pole moves are easier to hold and use. My repertoire of dance moves and poses has increased and I have been getting exposed to a different dancing style. The increased dancing, poling, and exercising has been beneficial for my overall fitness level.
A surprising surprised was how a DVD that wasn't aimed at flexibility has helped me increase my own. Her warm up includes stretching for splits and back flexibility. This additional stretching in my fitness regimen has helped me progress with my work at the needle pose and with my splits. Check out my bendy-ness above!

KiKi's Final Thoughts
I love that this DVD covers dancing, strength, flexibility and floor work. It also surprised me with having full tutorials for pole moves! Cleo delivers a fun, well rounded pole DVD with fantastic routines, clear instructions and tons of energy. I am well on my way to mastering her first routine (check back in two weeks for my follow up review and video of me doing the first routine) and am really excited to work on the floor work routine next. Cleo has created a DVD that is challenging, well rounded and provides you with safe and clear instruction. I have been using it consistently and have not gotten bored and I still have 3 routines to enjoy! This DVD has gotten me back into a consistent pole routine and I am loving the results I have gotten from it. This DVD is worth the price and then some. It also has me excited for trying her Rockin' Leg N much so that I just ordered it now...(OOPS keep an eye out for that review as well) :D
Another thing I love is that Cleo has built an online studio and community for this program. Check out  for lessons, recipes and nutrition, shop, and forum. She also states that online classes are being planned for the site and more improvements coming in September 2014. Membership on this site is free and there are lots of resources to enjoy. The forum also brags support threads and challenges on using the Rock N Pole and Rockin' Legs N Abs together for optimal results.
So there you go, a great dvd that even comes with an online support system! What is not to love?
<3 KiKi
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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