Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Wilderness Yoga

Summer is starting to come to an end here in Northern Canada. The days of hot sunshine, shorts and skirts, hiking and lake days are numbered. To honour the wonderful summer weather we were blessed with this year, I worked hard to ensure I was out enjoying it as often as possible. This year was full of hiking, swimming, lake days and of course...
Wilderness Yoga!
Wilderness Yoga is a hobby I took up last year during some of my hiking adventures. (check out my post about it HERE)  It's now pretty standard that if I am going hiking, walking  or even just enjoying the outdoors, I will bring a camera and try to capture a few awesome yoga or aerial shots.
I love doing this for a few reasons...

1.Nature is the most beautiful backdrop. I love being surrounded by nature. It calms me, allows me to feel free and open and is always filled with beauty. Nature makes for some of the best photo backgrounds, regardless of your subject. Yoga photos are already pretty awesome and the nature back ground just adds to that.

2. Both Nature and Yoga calm me. This summer has been a great but an emotional one for me. When I was having a frustrating day I would grab my backpack and head up to hike some trails. Being in nature just allowed me to open myself emotionally, feel whatever I ended to feel and let it go. And Then continue on and enjoy my surroundings. I also find yoga is a fabulous way for me to channel positive energy, use my body and end up feeling great. So doing wilderness yoga is a great way for me to let go of the stuff I don't need and bring in the positive energy. I always headed home feeling great.

3. I love doing kick ass looking yoga poses for the same reason i like doing kick ass looking pole poses. I get to feel like a bad ass! They are fun, challenging and when you complete them you feel awesome. Why wouldn't you want to document that in photo form?

This year I have become strong, leaner and more confident. Check out some of my #wildernessyoga photos below.

<3 KiKi

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